Information about the policy, procedures and legislation relevant to the research funding provided by the NHMRC.

Funding Rules by grant type

Funding Rules relating to each NHMRC grant scheme can be found in the Apply for Funding section of this website, or directly via the link below.

Administering Institution

Institutions, that receive NHMRC funding, are required to be registered as an Administering Institution.

Commissioner of Complaints

For the Commissioner to investigate a complaint you will need to specify the nature and grounds for the complaint.

Criteria for Health and Medical Research of Indigenous Australians

Where a grant involves research into the health of Indigenous Australians, the applicants are required to address how their application fulfils these criteria.

NHMRC and Open Access

Intellectual Property Management

The National Principles of IP Management were developed to assist in the development of best practice in identifying protecting and managing IP, thus ensuring appropriate commercial outcomes from publicly funded research.

Australian Standard Research Classifications and NHMRC Keyword / Phrases

The Broad Research Area, Field of Research, Broad Health Area and Socio-Economic Objectives used by the NHMRC have been developed by the ABS.

Requirements for administering grants

All grants funded by the NHMRC are offered in accordance with the Deed of Agreement between the NHMRC and the Administering Institution. The funding includes a requirement for regular administrative activities and reporting.

Institutional Approvals 

Under the Funding Agreement and Deeds of Agreement, Administering Institutions must obtain and maintain any necessary approvals for the duration of the Funding Period

Research Funding Access Policy 

Addressing Impediments to Collaboration and increasing investment in health related National Research Priorities.

Urgent Research

The NHMRC receives many requests for research to be undertaken in urgent areas.

Policy on the phase-out of block funding

This information has been provided here for archival purposes only.

This document sets out the policy for former block-funded institutes (BFIs) who elect to take up a Transitional Block Grant in order to join the reshaped NHMRC funding scheme.

Statement on the removal of impact factors from peer review 1 April 2010

This document outlines the removal of journal impact factors from peer review of individual research grant and fellowship applications.