International Collaborative Indigenous Health Research Partnership (ICIHRP) Grants

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The Tripartite Partnership

In 2002, the NHMRC, Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and the Health Research Council of New Zealand (NZ HRC) established a tripartite partnership to jointly invest in research which would contribute to improved health outcomes and a reduction in health inequalities for Indigenous people in each of the partner countries.

To achieve these aims ICIHRP Grants support cross-country, multidisciplinary and multi-sectoral research and research translation focused in the area of Indigenous peoples’ health by building upon existing networks of researchers and further developing research in agreed priority areas.

Theme of the 2009 call - Chronic Disease

The NHMRC, NZ HRC and the CIHR have each committed $5 million in their respective currencies to the 2009 Request for Applications (RFA). This RFA is focused on reducing the burden of disease and inequalities in health caused by chronic disease in Indigenous people.

Chronic disease is the theme for the round because diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes significantly impact on morbidity and mortality in Indigenous populations. The burden of chronic disease makes a significant contribution to the observed inequalities in health between Indigenous people and the general population.

2009 Successful Grants

Lead Investigator of the International Collaboration Lead Investigator Australia Title Australian Administering Institution Amount AUD


Amount CAD
Dr Sue Crengle (NZ) Prof Ian Anderson Strengthening health literacy among Indigenous people living with cardiovascular disease, their families, and health care providers University of Melbourne, Victoria 497,046 1,475,884 748,156
Dr Lisa Jamieson (Australia) Dr Lisa Jamieson Reducing disease burden and health inequalities arising from chronic dental disease among Indigenous children: an early childhood caries intervention

University of Adelaide,

South Australia
1,390,040 2,352,328 1,186,899
Dr. Rhys Jones (NZ) Prof Helen Milroy Educating for equity: Exploring how health professional education can reduce disparities in chronic disease care and improve outcomes for Indigenous populations University of Western Australia 2,083,132 1,977,857 1,250,000

Country totals for each project:

Please note: Partners’ funding to each project varies because of the different scope of the research conducted in each country under the umbrella of the overall project.
$3,970,218 $5,806,069 $3,185,055

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