A Healthy Start to Life for ATSI Children Grant

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Promoting and Maintaining Good Health is one of the Australian Government’s National Research Priorities. Providing A Healthy Start to Life is one goal of this research priority.


The NHMRC will provide up to $7 million over 5 years to support collaborative research grants with the potential to improve the maternal, infant and childhood health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Australia’s Indigenous peoples suffer significantly poorer health than non-Indigenous Australians. Intervention in early life has the capacity to address the severe disadvantage which Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people face throughout life.

A nation-wide consultation process (known as the Road Map) was conducted during 2002 to identify areas of research that could underpin better policy and practice to improve the health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. A consistent theme was the need for research based on a broader definition of health – encompassing culture, identity and community – to ensure outcomes that are relevant and responsive to the needs of Indigenous Australians

The National Health and Medical Research Council believes that a significant improvement in health outcomes can only be achieved through coordinated and comprehensive policies and services working in partnership - across disciplines, jurisdictions and portfolio boundaries.

In developing Expressions of Interest, the NHMRC strongly encourages applicants to develop collaborative research teams that address the relevant issue in a truly cross-sectoral way. The collaboration should include non-health sectors, such as education, employment, environment, transport etc., in partnership with service delivery agencies and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community groups.

The NHMRC particularly encourages Expressions of Interest from investigators who would not normally apply for NHMRC grants.

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