Diabetes Vaccine Development Centre

Please note the information on this page has been provided for historical reference purposes only.

The Diabetes Vaccine Development Centre (the Centre) was a joint initiative of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International (JDRF) and the Australian Government through the NHMRC.


In May 2000, JDRF and NHMRC announced $10 million of funding to be equally provided by both parties for the establishment of the Diabetes Vaccine Development Centre (DVDC).

The Centre was a commercially focused entity which aimed to bridges gaps between research and commercial product development.  The DVDC administered projects aimed to accelerate the development of vaccines that would prevent or delay the progress of early onset diabetes. Through work undertaken at remote sites worldwide, the Centre aims to:

  • develop a vaccine or preventative immunotherapy approach for Type 1 diabetes, and create an infrastructure that will rapidly translate research on prevention of Type 1 diabetes from the laboratory to the clinic; and
  • support the development or evaluation of vaccine candidates from other sources. The term 'vaccine' will include all immunotherapy approaches that preserve beta cell mass and function in people with new-onset diabetes, and/or have the potential to be used to prevent Type 1 diabetes in at-risk populations.

The DVDC, which was officially launched on 14 March 2003, operated within the Garvan Institute of Medical Research acting as the Sponsoring Administering Institution.