Capacity Building Grants in Population Health Research

Please note the information on this page has been provided for historical reference purposes only.

These Grants will provide flexible support to build groups of excellent population health researchers to pursue broadly based collaborative research activity. The teams will be expected to contribute new knowledge at a leading national and international level in important areas of health and medical research, tackle problems for which longer term stable funding is essential and provide training and career development opportunities within the team.


The Capacity Building Grants in Population Health Research are part of a wider strategy designed to develop population and health services research in Australia.

Although there are some clearly identifiable leaders and excellent Australian centres in the field of population health research, there has been limited opportunity to develop centres of critical mass in population health research to provide career development for new researchers. Therefore, there is a need to build capacity within this segment of the research workforce. The NHMRC established the Capacity Building Grants in Population Health Research (CBGPHR) program in 2001 in response to this need.

The program was initially established as a time limited initiative to fund five grant rounds. The program provided over $9 million in 2002 to fund four grants under Round One. In Round Two (2003) just under $12 million was awarded to fund five grants and in Round Three (2004) just over $12 million was awarded to fund five grants.

Following a review of the first three rounds of the Capacity Building Grants in Population Health Research program, the Research Committee of the NHMRC decided that the final two grant rounds will be advertised together in 2005. It was also decided that the program objectives would be refined to better address the perceived gaps in population health research capacity remaining after the first three rounds of awards.

Application Process

A call for applications in Rounds 4 and 5 was made on 14 January 2006. Due to technical difficulties experienced with earlier versions of the application form the closing date for applications has been extended by one week to 23 March 2006. Applications will be short listed by the Expert Assessment Panel against the Program's Selection Criteria. Short listed applicants will be invited for interview on 27 to 30 June 2006. Final funding recommendations will be made to the Minister for Health and Ageing in August 2006.

Applications will only be accepted from individuals whose research will be conducted under the auspices of a recognised institution that has in place policies and procedures for the management of public funds and the proper conduct of research in relation to ethics and good scientific conduct, and that provides appropriate infrastructure support. Lead applicants may be located at one or more research institutions.

Please ensure that all information contained in the application is correct at the time of submission and is consistent with the Australian Code for the Responsible conduct of Research.

Lodging an Application

Revised documentation as of 24 February 2006.

Significant technical difficulties with the original Full Application Form have been brought to our attention since posting this information on the web from 14 January 2006. We sincerely apologise to those applicants who have already spent time, and experienced difficulties, in completing this form.

We recommend that all applicants now complete the new application documents (Full Application Form 240206) detailed below. Some data that has already been entered into the original Full Application Form may be "cut and pasted" into the new documentation.

To lodge an application for a Capacity Building Grant in Population Health Research (as of 24 February 2006)

  1. Review the Program Framework document for the Capacity Building Grants in Population Health Research
  2. Review the Advice and Instructions to Applicants for the Capacity Building Grants in Population Health Research
  3. Download and complete the Full Application Form for the Capacity Building Grants in Population Health Research
  4. Follow the lodgment instructions in the Full Application Form 240206 and Advice and Instructions to Applicants 240206 document.

Application ID number

Please obtain an application identification number from the Research Administration Officer (RAO) of your Administering Institution. Please insert this as a "header" on each page of your application as this number will be used to track your application.

Closing date: 23 March 2006

Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.