Outcomes of Urgent Call for Research - Hendra Virus

On 29 July 2011, the Australian Government announced funding to boost research into issues raised by recent identified cases of the Hendra virus.

This funding will go towards better understanding the virus in terms of its impact on human health, animal health and environmental biodiversity.

NHMRC has developed an Urgent Call for Research to better understand and fight the Hendra Virus, setting aside up to $3 million.

In 2012, NHMRC supported 8 Hendra Virus Urgent Call for Research Grants as follows:

Chief Investigator


Project Title


Doctor John Stambas

Deakin University

Understanding pathogenicity and immunity in an encephalitic mouse model of Hendra virus infection


Doctor Cameron Stewart

CSIRO Division of Livestock Industries

Defining the role of microRNAs in human Hendra virus infections


Doctor Fasseli Coulibaly

Monash University

Structural studies of Hendra virus replication


Associate Professor Anthony Purcell

Monash University

Can the bat immune response to Hendra inform drug and vaccine development in other species?


Associate Professor Hans Netter

Monash University

Identification of viral-cellular interacting factors for an in-depth understanding of the Hendra virus life cycle and pathogenesis


Professor Geoffrey Pietersz

Macfarlane Burnet Institute for Medical Research and Public Health

Hendra virus vaccine


Associate Professor Nigel McMillan

Griffith University

New Hendravirus Treatments


Doctor E. Geoffrey Playford

University of Queensland

Safety assessment of an anti-Hendra virus antibody in humans


Total Funding


The information presented on this page is provided to the research community as advice about the outcomes of the competitive peer review process for this scheme.

In accordance with the Funding Agreement, between the Commonwealth of Australia and the Institution in respect of NHMRC research funding schemes, the Institution must ensure that all relevant reporting requirements are met and that relevant approvals for the research are obtained and maintained for the duration of the project.

NHMRC will contact researchers and their Research Administration Officers in relation to the meeting requirements, including eligibility, before the commencement of funding. Funding will not commence until all relevant requirements have been met.

Media Release

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