Partnership Centres

The goal of the Partnership Centres initiative is to bring teams of researchers and decision-makers together to create better health services and health by collaborative work on priority themes determined by the needs of the health and health care systems.

Each Partnership Centre has national reach and is supported jointly by NHMRC and organisations with an interest in using research to advance their mission. The theme for each Centre is forward-looking, a priority for Australia’s health and health care systems over the next decade, and congruent with NHMRCs Strategic Plan 2013-2015.

Within a Partnership Centre there are two levels of partnership:

  1. The funding partners; and
  2. The investigator partners who form a collaborative team of research investigators and system-based investigators.

The broad objectives for each Partnership Centre are to:

  1. support the implementation of research-informed changes in health and health care systems;
  2. synthesise and disseminate research relevant to improving health and health care system performance;
  3. undertake collaborative research, and
  4. build capacity, both within the research community to undertake applied research, and within the system to use research as part of change management

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The Partnership Centres

Partnership Centre: Health System Sustainability

Partnership Centre: Dealing with Cognitive and Related Functional Decline in Older People (the 'Cognitive Decline Partnership Centre')

Partnership Centre: Systems Perspectives on Preventing Lifestyle-Related Chronic Health Problems (the 'Prevention Partnership Centre')

Key Partnership Centre Documents

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