Career Development Fellowships

Career Development Fellowships (CDFs) are highly competitive, four year fellowships that recognise and provide support for the most outstanding early to mid-career health and medical researchers in each Fellowship category. CDFs can be applied for at one of two levels depending on the applicant’s career stage – CDF Level 1 or CDF Level 2.

The specific objectives of the CDF scheme are to enable investigators to establish themselves as independent, self-directed researchers; expand capacity for clinical, population health, biomedical and bioinformatics research, and for evidence-based policy development in Australian health systems; encourage the translation of research outcomes into practice; bridge the gap between research and industry; and provide a means for Australian researchers working overseas to return to Australia to continue their career development.

Documentation to Apply for a Career Development Fellowship

Critical documentation to apply to the Career Development Fellowships scheme is available on GrantConnect.

Applicants need to be a GrantConnect registered user to download Grant Opportunity documents prior to starting an application in RGMS.  To register, applicants must complete the New User Registration on the GrantConnect website.

The following resources provide further information on how to apply for NHMRC grant funding:

Apply for funding

Applicants must use the NHMRC’s Research Grants Management System (RGMS) to access/update their CV and Profile, and submit their CDF application.

Applicants who are not yet registered in RGMS should contact the Research Help Centre at for more information.

A complete CDF application consists of:

  1. The relevant information in the applicant’s RGMS Profile and CV
  2. Parts A and B of the application form including all required PDF uploads.

Prior to submission, applicants are to ensure they:

  1. Read all relevant reference material
  2. Liaise with their Administering Institution to identify any specific requirements that the institution may have
  3. Ensure their application is complete and correct. 

Once submitted to NHMRC, an application will be considered final and no changes will be accepted.

Applicants are advised to contact the Research Administration Officer at their Administering Institution early in the application process and are asked to direct any questions they may have to their Research Administration Officer.

Key Dates

The key dates for the CDF 2018 funding round are as follows:

  • Applications open: 17 January 2018
  • Applications close: 17:00 hrs (5:00 pm) AEDT, 7 March 2018.

Changes to the 2018 Career Development Fellowships Scheme-Specific Funding Rules for funding commencing in 2019

  • Clarification that a career disruption cannot extend past the application close date.
  • Removal of eligibility restrictions for Professors and Associate Professors.

Recent Outcomes

Further information

If you require more information, direct your inquiry to your Research Administration Office in the first instance.

If you require assistance and are unable to satisfy your concern by seeking assistance through your administering institution, contact the Research Help Centre on 1800 500 983, or email