Boosting Dementia Research Grants

The NHMRC National Institute for Dementia Research (NNIDR) is part of the Boosting Dementia Research Initiative  and will target, co-ordinate and translate the Australian research effort in dementia.

Boosting Dementia Research Grants will provide financial support for individual researchers, teams of researchers or organisations to undertake research and implementation projects in identified priority areas that will deliver on the Institute’s policy objectives.

Important dates

Important dates for Boosting Dementia Research Grants Round applications are as follows:

Round 1 Implementation of Dementia Research into Clinical Practice and Care

OPEN: 23 November 2016

MINIMUM DATA: 18 January 2017

CLOSE: 08 February 2017

Round 2  JPND Call for Multinational Research Projects for Pathway Analysis Across Neurodegenerative Diseases Please refer to JPND website for dates
Round 3 National Dementia Network

OPEN: 13 September 2017

MINIMUM DATA: 11 October 2017

CLOSE: 08 November 2017
Round 4 Neurodegenerative Disease Research (JPND) Call for Multinational Projects on Health and Social Care for Neurodegenerative Disease Please refer to JPND website for dates 

Open Rounds 

Previous Rounds

Documentation to apply for the Boosting Dementia Research Grants

Documentation to apply can be found at GrantConnect, the Australian Government grants information system. GrantConnect is a centralised web-based facility for publication of agencies’ Grant Opportunities and Forecast Opportunities.

You need to be a GrantConnect registered user to download Grant Opportunity documents prior to starting your application in RGMS. To register, you must complete the New User Registration on the GrantConnect website.

The following resources provide further information on how to apply for NHMRC grant funding:

Research Classifications Guides including Broad Research Area, Fields of Research and NHMRC Keyword ⁄ Phrases

Archived Documentation for Previous Calls

Further Information

If you require more information, direct your inquiry to your Research Administration Office in the first instance.

If you require assistance and are unable to satisfy your concern by seeking assistance through your Administering Institution.

Contact the Research Help Centre on 1800 500983, or email