NHMRC Funding Agreement and Deeds of Agreement

Current NHMRC Funding Agreement and associated documentation - October 2015

Following consultation with the research community, NHMRC has varied the January 2014 Funding Agreement. 

Further information about the variations that took effect from 1 October 2015:

Direct Research Costs and Flexible Funding

NHMRC funds for a research activity may only be expended on Direct Research Costs. The documents below provide guidance on Direct Research Costs. Please contact Research Administration if you have any questions regarding Direct Research Costs

Approved Standards and Guidelines

The following documents are Approved Standards and Guidelines listed under Clause 1 – Definitions of the Funding Agreement and their respective locations on the NHMRC website.

Approved Standards and Guidelines

NHMRC Funding Agreement associated documentation


Please direct any enquiries regarding the Funding Agreement, Deeds of Agreement, Direct Research Costs or any other Research Administration matters to:

Research Administration Section
E: postaward.management@nhmrc.gov.au

Archived NHMRC Funding Agreement information