Making Claims Against NHMRC Project Grants

Prior the use of Personnel Support Packages (PSPs) in 2001, payment of salaries on Project Grants were paid in accordance with NHMRC Salary Scales. These rates excluded all salary on costs and administrative overheads.

Please note this information relates to those grants awarded under NHMRC Conditions of Award.

Superannuation for NHMRC Project Grants

Administering Institutions having academic staff employed on NHMRC Project grants before 2001 were eligible to claim superannuation. Superannuation is only payable against salary positions that were specified on the Offer of Award. The maximum rate to claim for superannuation is as follows:

  • 1998 10.5% of annual salary
  • 1999 10% of annual salary
  • 2000 9.5% of annual salary
  • 2001 9% of annual salary
  • 2002 8.5% of annual salary

For further information regarding claims for superannuation please direct your query to the Research Help Centre via

Long Service Leave for NHMRC Project Grants

Under the NHMRC Conditions of Award, long service leave can be claimed on a pro rata basis for academic staff employed on NHMRC Project grants awarded prior to 2001. Payment will be commensurate with the NHMRC salary rate for the year in which the long service leave was actually taken.

If you have any outstanding claims for either superannuation or long service leave for funding which commenced before 2001 please contact the Financial Officer at your institution who will submit the claim on your behalf. All claims can be submitted to:

Making a Claim Against the NHMRC For Clinical Loadings

Prior to 2001, NHMRC included medical and dental loadings (referred to as clinical loadings) in the budget of an approved application. With the introduction of the Personnel Support Package funding arrangements in 2001, clinical loadings were not included as a budget item on the application form and therefore not considered by the Grant Review Panel during the peer review process.

Administering institutions now have an opportunity to claim a medical or dental loading for any entitled staff employed on NHMRC Project Grants that commenced funding in from 2001 onwards. This claim may be made at any time after the commencement of the project and must be made no later than the original date of completion of the project concerned.

The NHMRC will provide $7,515 for staff entitled to a half-medical loading and $15,030 for those entitled to a full loading. Dental loadings are half the equivalent medical loading rate.

Please note that this arrangement shall continue for funding that commenced from 2001 and all Clinical Loadings will be payable as a claim to eligible applicants until further notification from the NHMRC.

The above Claim Form (for Medical and Dental Loading) is to be used by institutions when making a claim for clinical loading for an entitled researcher employed by the administering institution on an NHMRC Project Grant, effective from 2001.

Note: This form is to be completed, printed and mailed to:

The Director,
Research Administration Section
GPO Box 1421