Under Embargo

What does embargo mean at NHMRC?

An embargo is the prohibition of publicising information or news provided by NHMRC until a certain date or until certain conditions have been met.    

NHMRC provides funding outcomes under embargo on the condition that they will not be publicised (e.g. through media, social media or on individuals’ or Administering Institutions’ websites) until the embargo is lifted.

What CAN happen during an embargo period?

Applicants can share outcomes with the research team and partner organisations (where applicable) but they must be made aware not to publicise the information until the embargo has been lifted.

Successful applicants may accept offers and proceed with planning. This includes seeking necessary approvals (for example, ethics approvals) and recruiting staff. Successful applicants may add grants to CVs for review (for example, as part of a new grant application) provided they add the words ‘under embargo’. Research projects may commence if the embargo continues past the commencement date.

Administering Institutions should facilitate research activities proceeding as usual.

What CANNOT happen during an embargo period?

Applicants and Administering Institutions are NOT permitted to share outcomes publically until the embargo is lifted. This includes posting comments regarding outcomes in public domains such as social forums, websites, journals or newspapers.  

How do I know when an embargo is lifted?

NHMRC will notify Administering Institutions through an RAO Alert when an embargo is lifted. Once this occurs, applicants may share outcomes publically.

Why does NHMRC release results this way?

To let applicants know whether, or not, they have been successful in advance of the official announcement.

There may be a delay between the approval of NHMRC grants and an official announcement to the media. NHMRC recognises that such delays can make it difficult to maintain partner commitments and employment contracts associated with research projects. By releasing results under embargo, NHMRC aims to facilitate researchers taking necessary steps to initiate research projects so they commence on time.