The NHMRC-AMED 2022 Dementia Collaborative Research Scheme invites applications that look to further understand the many potential causes of dementia, modifiable lifestyle risk and protective factors that may prevent or delay the onset of dementia.

NHMRC and the Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED) are pleased to invite proposals to the NHMRC‑AMED 2022 Dementia Collaborative Research Scheme.

This Grant Opportunity will provide funding for up to three (3) collaborative research projects that focus on the causes, prevention, cure and/or treatment of dementia.

The Grant Scheme is open to early career researchers as the lead Chief Investigator/Principal Investigator, supported by established researchers, wishing to apply their knowledge and expertise to the collaborative project.

In total, NHMRC will make up to $1.5 million AUD available (capped maximum value of $500,000 AUD per grant) in support of the Australian researcher team and activities; with 30 million JPY per year up to three (3) years (capped maximum value of 10 million JPY/year per grant) funding provided by AMED in support of the Japanese researcher team and activities.

Application Process

  • NHMRC will advertise this call through GrantConnect, Tracker, RAO Alert and on the NHMRC website.
  • NHMRC opens the grant opportunity in NHMRC's Sapphire grants management system for researchers to participate in the call:
    • Applicants from the Australia-based team must submit an application addressing the criteria outlined in the Grant Guidelines to NHMRC for assessment by the nominated due date.
    • Japan-based partners are responsible for submitting completed applications to AMED supporting the call in line with their application closing dates.
  • NHMRC conducts eligibility checks for Australian collaborations
  • NHMRC conducts peer review of applications submitted
  • NHMRC submits short-listed eligible applications to the NHMRC-AMED Joint Review Meeting
  • NHMRC-AMED Joint Review Meeting compiles a final joint ranking list and recommendations for funding
  • NHMRC funding recommendations approval process.

NHMRC will update Sapphire and Twitter with latest news and other relevant information. We encourage you to check back regularly to keep yourself informed.

  • For details regarding the NHMRC-AMED 2022 Dementia Collaborative Research Scheme peer review process, please refer to the NHMRC-AMED 2022 Dementia Collaborative Research Scheme Peer Review Guidelines available from the download section below.

Grant at a glance

Level of funding

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Before you submit an application, please make sure you have:


Grant submission advice

Read all relevant reference material

GrantConnect GO Documents


Liaise with your Administering Institution

to identify any specific requirements that the institution may have


Ensure your application is complete and correct.


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