Applications to this MRFF Indigenous Health Research Fund - 2019 Indigenous Health Research Grant Opportunity must propose a research project that drives improvement in one of the four identified key health challenges: 

  • Ending avoidable deafness
  • Preventing chronic kidney disease
  • Improving adolescent mental health 
  • Ending avoidable blindness 

You are required to nominate the key health challenge your research project aims to address, noting more than one area can be addressed through a single project. See Section 1.3 of the grant guidelines for more details.

The 2019 Indigenous Health Research Grant Opportunity aims to support multidisciplinary teams of researchers to undertake collaborative, intervention-focussed research that is transformative, scalable and demonstrates the greatest impact on health outcomes and translation into policy and/or practice. Importantly, research should be led by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and conducted through close engagement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

The grant opportunity will provide up to $13.5 million over three years, with a maximum grant size of $2 million.

Apply for funding

All applicants are required to commence their application and provide the relevant minimum data by the due date to allow the NHMRC to start sourcing reviewers with appropriate expertise.  
A complete application to the grant opportunity must consist of the following:

  • The relevant information in your RGMS profile and CV
  • Completion of Parts A and B of the RGMS application form
  • Grant Proposal PDF (uploaded)
  • A declaration of applicant interests (uploaded); and
  • Letter/s from research facilities (where relevant)

NHMRC’s RGMS must be used to access/update your profile and CV and to submit applications. Applicants who are not registered in RGMS should contact the Research Help Centre by emailing (link sends e-mail) for more information.

Outcomes of funding rounds