This Targeted Call for Research (TCR) aims to produce evidence that will improve our understanding of the origin and pathophysiology of biotoxin-related illnesses, such as Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome.  This will assist in improving the diagnosis, treatment and management of individuals with biotoxin-related illness.

This TCR implements Recommendation Six of the Standing Committee on Health, Aged Care and Sport Report on the Inquiry into Biotoxin-related illnesses in Australia. On 10 March 2020, the Australian Government accepted the recommendation for NHMRC to conduct this research; the decision was supported by the NHMRC Research Committee and the NHMRC. 

Further information about the Biotoxins TCR, including its objectives, funds available and timeframes is available on GrantConnect. 

Peer Review Information 

Please refer to the 2021 Targeted Call for Research into Biotoxin-related illnesses Peer Review Guidelines (see Download section below). 

Outcomes of funding rounds