Targeted Call for Research into Preparing Australia for the Genomics Revolution in Health Care (Genomics TCR)

This Targeted Call for Research (TCR) must be read in conjunction with the Funding Rules for NHMRC’s Targeted Calls for Research Programme and the NHMRC Funding Rules 2015.

Background and Justification for the Call

The NHMRC Strategic Plan 2013 – 2015 lists “Preparing Australia for the ‘omics’ revolution in health care’ as one of the Major Health Issues to be addressed during the triennium:

“The rapid advances in genomics and in a wide range of other ‘omics’ have already begun to emerge from the laboratory to directly affect patient care. ‘Omics’ is a shorthand way of referring to the steps in translation from the gene sequence through intracellular steps, into health and ill health of individuals. The potential for better focussed individual treatments and preventive strategies, and the implications for health policy and practice, are immense.

As an issue emerging above all from health and medical research, NHMRC will work to help prepare practitioners, policy makers and the community for the health and ethical implications, and will consider how best to develop a national ‘omics’ research and translation strategy.”

In March 2014, NHMRC held a roundtable of senior clinical and genomic researchers at its offices in Canberra to discuss how NHMRC could best support research to support the objectives outlined in its Strategic Plan. Following this meeting, NHMRC, in consultation with non-conflicted members of its Research Committee and Council, developed this Targeted Call for Research (TCR).

NHMRC is also a member of the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health1, and the Global Genomic Medicine Collaboration and expects the successful grant holder to participate in, and comply with the objectives of these alliances, such as effective and responsible data sharing.

Depending on the quality of applications, NHMRC intends funding a single, multidisciplinary, nationally focussed grant through the processes outlined in these Funding Rules.

1 See