6. Emergency Procedures

For first aid, or to report a hazard or incident, please contact the Event Manager or your secretariat.

Should an emergency situation arise, please follow the instructions of the Chief and Deputy Fire Wardens, Floor Wardens and Wardens.

You will recognise an emergency situation by the sound of alarms over the PA system – there are two distinct alarm sounds:

1. Alert tone –  beep beep

On hearing the alert tone:

  • Be aware that an emergency situation exists;
  • Secure any confidential material;
  • Listen to instructions by Chief Fire Wardens over the PA system; and
  • Wait for instructions from the Floor Wardens

2. Evacuation tone – whoop whoop:

On hearing the evacuation tone:

  • Follow instructions from the Floor Warden;
  • Evacuate the building immediately via the nearest safe exit;
  • DO NOT USE THE LIFTS – use either of the fire stairs;
  • Proceed to the external assembly area; and
  • Return only when instructed to do so by a Warden or the Fire Brigade

The Primary Assembly Area is at the corner of Farrell Place and London Circuit. The Secondary Assembly Area will be advised by the Chief Warden if and when necessary. In the event of an evacuation all members will be escorted to the assembly area if the need arises.