F9. Fellowship Packages and Awards

Career Development Fellowships are offered at two levels:

  • Career Development Fellowship Level 1
  • Career Development Fellowship Level 2

See Section F6 for details on eligibility requirements for each of these levels.

9.1 Duration and Salary

Both levels of Career Development Fellowship are four year Fellowships whether taken full or part-time. See Subsection F6.6 for a summary of the time commitment options available for each category of Fellowship.
A Career Development Fellow is employed by the institution which administers the fellow’s award. The grant to an Administering Institution for a Career Development Fellowship is a package provided to assist the Administering Institution to employ the fellow. The actual level of remuneration received by a fellow is agreed through negotiation between the fellow and the Administering Institution.

The annual Fellowship package is currently:

  • CDF Level 1 - $102,942
  • CDF Level 2 - $113,863.

For part-time Fellowships, annual payments are adjusted pro-rata.

The package includes salary, travel, all salary on-costs (including payroll tax, workers compensation, superannuation, long service leave etc.) and maintenance.

The level of this package will apply for the duration of the Fellowship. With the exception of annual indexation, no additional funds will be provided.

Fellowship recipients will be responsible for negotiating with their employing institution on the split of funds (level of salary, on-costs, travel and maintenance) within the total provided.

Career Development Fellows who have accepted an offer of an award, must commence their fellowship before 30 June of the first year of the award.  Any variation to this condition must be sought prior to 30 June of the same year and approval will only be given under exceptional circumstances.

9.2 General Requirements

For profession part-time fellowships in the Clinical, Population Health, or Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander categories, the applicant’s employer (e.g. hospital or government agency) must fund the balance of the applicant’s time that is not devoted to research. The time devoted to research and the complementary balance of time funded by the employer, when combined, must equate to a 1.0 (FTE) full time equivalency, except in instances where there is an additional part-time component due to illness or carer responsibility (see Subsection F6.6.3). If the employer’s support is withdrawn, the award will terminate unless there is support from another employer for the remaining term of the fellowship. Award holders must advise NHMRC through their Administering Institution if such an event occurs.

Applicants for profession part-time fellowships in the Clinical, Population Health, or Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander categories, must submit a written undertaking from their employer confirming that they have an appropriate and complementary salaried position for the period of the award.

9.3 Short Term Support for Indigenous Researchers

Short term support funding is available to all recipients of Career Development Fellowships who are of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent. Support is offered for study, conference attendance, or travel, either within Australia or overseas.

9.4 Bernie Banton Fellowship

The Bernie Banton Fellowship is an annual Fellowship that was established to commemorate the life of Bernie Banton through supporting health and medical research that has the greatest potential to make an impact on the treatment of mesothelioma.  To be considered for this fellowship, an applicant must be working in the field of mesothelioma and asbestosis.  The fellowship will be awarded to the most highly ranked, funded applicant, who is undertaking research in this field.  This award does not provide funding in addition to that already available in the Career Development Fellowship package.

9.5 Minister’s Medal

The Commonwealth Health Minister’s Award for Excellence in Health and Medical Research is a $50,000 grant awarded to one successful CDF applicant in recognition of their outstanding achievement in the field of health and medical research. The award supplements the fellowship to provide additional support for the recipient’s research.

The recipient is selected from an assessment of the top ranked CDF applicant in each category at each level who accepts their CDF.