3. Assessment criteria

Applications will be assessed and ranked against the Assessment Criteria listed below:

  1. Scientific quality of the project including feasibility (25%)
  2. Significance of the expected outcomes relative to aims and objectives of the call (25%)
  3. Track record of the team (25%)  Note: This will be an indication of the teams’ ability to undertake research and deliver outcomes of benefit to both Singapore and Australia
  4. Added value of international collaboration (25%)

Applications are assessed relative to opportunity; taking into consideration any career disruptions (see section 6.2 of the NHMRC Funding Rules 2017).

Applicants are expected to address the four assessment criteria in their application and should closely consider the relevant category descriptors (Attachment A). The category descriptors are used by GRP members to score each application against each criterion. This ensures a consistent framework by which applications are scored.

3.1  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander additional Criteria

All applications that are identified as relating to the improvement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health must also address the Indigenous Research Excellence Criteria. Further information on how these criteria are assessed is provided under section 6.3 of the NHMRC Funding Rules 2017.