9. Grant administration

Administrative obligations and processes specific to TRIP Fellowship awardees are outlined below. Unless otherwise stated, these are in addition to the general requirements set out in the NHMRC Funding Agreement, section 12 of the NHMRC Funding Rules 2017 and on the NHMRC website.

9.1 Variations

If an applicant’s employment circumstances change following submission of an application for a TRIP Fellowship or during the course of a current Fellowship, e.g. change of employer or additional employment or study responsibilities being undertaken, the NHMRC is to be notified immediately. This is essential for NHMRC to determine whether the ability of the Fellow to undertake the roles and responsibilities of the Fellowship would be affected by the change in circumstances. The notification will need to detail the extra financial and administrative implications for the Fellow and implications of the change in their ability to undertake the roles and responsibilities of the Fellowship.

Requests to vary the terms of the TRIP Fellowship should be made to NHMRC via the RGMS Grant Variation portal and through the RAO of your Administering Institution. Further information can be found on the NHMRC website under Grantee Variations.

9.2 Suspension of TRIP Fellowships for Family or Personal Reasons

TRIP Fellows may apply for suspension of their Fellowship for pregnancy, major illness or carer responsibilities including parental leave.  Requests to suspend the Fellowship will be considered by NHMRC on a case-by-case basis and must have the support of the Fellow’s Administering Institution. The Fellowship will be extended by a period of time equal to the duration of the suspension. Remuneration will not be provided by NHMRC during the period of the suspension (refer to section 12.6 of the NHMRC Funding Rules 2017 for further information).

9.3 Parental Leave

Parental leave is paid in accordance with the arrangements applicable at the Fellow’s Administering Institution, up to a limit of 12 weeks per instance of parental leave. Leave taken beyond the 12 weeks is permitted, but is not paid by NHMRC. The institution may, however, continue payments under its Enterprise Bargaining Agreement. If the fellow wishes to take parental leave, they will need to suspend their Fellowship (see section 12.6).

Parental leave required under State and Territory legislation will be managed separately by the Administering Institution.

9.4 Request to Reduce Time Commitment

NHMRC recognises that the personal circumstances of Fellows can change over time and the requirement for a Fellow to continue at the 0.5 FTE arrangements may no longer be appropriate for them.

Fellows may apply to undertake a period of their award at less than 0.5 FTE for illness or providing parental or family support.

Where the duration of the period at less than 0.5 FTE extends beyond 12 months, the Fellow will need to provide a revised project plan to accord with the arrangements they are proposing which must be supported in writing by their Project Mentor. In all cases where less than 0.5 FTE status is approved, the duration of the Fellowship will be extended to compensate for that period, with salary paid pro-rata in accordance with the part-time rate requested. Taking into account the reduced FTE, the total length of the Fellowship must not extend beyond three years.

9.5 Reporting

Refer to sections 9.20 to 9.23 of the NHMRC Funding Agreement, on the NHMRC website, for information regarding reporting requirements.