5. Funding

5.1 Level and Duration of Funding

Fellowship salary packages are awarded as listed on the NHMRC website. Pro-rata amounts apply for part-time researchers.

The package includes salary and all salary on-costs (including payroll tax, workers compensation, superannuation, long service leave etc.).

The package will apply for the four year duration of the Fellowship. With the exception of annual indexation, no additional funding will be provided.

Research project funding up to $250,000 is provided to support the Fellow. Applicants are advised to clearly justify the requested budget paying particular attention to any research cost(s) which may be specific to this field of research and needed for their application.

Advice on making a budget proposal is available in the NHMRC Budget Guidelines for Research Support Grants, and NHMRC Direct Research Cost Guidelines (DRCs).

5.2 Other Salary or Research Funding Sources

Boosting Dementia Research Leadership Fellows are not able to personally receive salary from a comparable government funded grant, full-time salaried academic position, or other full-time position in conjunction with their NHMRC Fellowship. NHMRC Fellows must inform NHMRC if such situations arise during the course of the Fellowship. However, Fellows are permitted to receive additional “top-up” funding from their employing institution.

When applying for a Boosting Dementia Research Leadership Fellowship, applicants must declare the source, duration and levels of funding already held for salary and/or research in the particular area of the application, including all NHMRC funding, in order to ensure funding is not duplicated by the Australian Government.