7. Selection process

Applications undergo rigorous peer review, and are subject to scrutiny and evaluation by expert/s in the fields of the application. The initial peer review will be conducted by expert peer reviewers with scientific and commercialisation expertise relevant to the application.  Expert peer reviewers will use their experience and expertise to evaluate the merit of applications for funding against the assessment criteria (see Section 4 and Attachment A). Any matter relevant to the scientific merit, applicant record of research, commercial achievement/s and commercial potential will be considered by the expert peer reviewers.

NHMRC will collate expert peer reviewers scores for each application and identify applications that fall within the least competitive range of application.  Those applications identified as being the least competitive will be removed from further consideration (the Not For Further Consideration (NFFC) process).  For further information on this process refer to Section 4.1.5 of the Development Grants Peer Review Guidelines.

The GRP will score all non-NFFC applications and review the budget requests. The GRP will use this information as a basis for panel discussions.

For further information on the peer review process, see the Guide to NHMRC Peer Review 2017 and Development Grants Scheme-Specific Peer Review Guidelines.