5. Eligibility

Development Grants have eligibility criteria additional to those identified in section 7 of the NHMRC Funding Rules 2017. Applications will be excluded from consideration if eligibility requirements are not met (see section 10.7 of the NHMRC Funding Rules 2017).

It is the responsibility of all Chief Investigators (CIs) applying to the Development Grant round to ensure that they meet all eligibility criteria for the duration of the assessment and the award period. RGMS has functionality available to assist applicants in determining their eligibility, however, this remains indicative only and does not replace the CI’s responsibility to confirm their eligibility.

5.1 Multiple Application/Grant limit

There is no limit to the number of Development Grants a CI can apply for, or hold.

5.2 Exclusion Criteria

NHMRC Development Grants provide support for research that specifically drives toward a commercial outcome within a foreseeable timeframe beyond knowledge creation. Therefore, NHMRC will not assess or fund applications that meet any of the exclusion criteria outlined below:

  • Have a focus on the early stage or knowledge creation stages of research (e.g. research that is fundable through the NHMRC Project Grants scheme).
  • Contain significant clinical trial component/s (these are relevant to the Project Grants scheme which has a Grant Review Panel specifically for clinical trials).
  • Are, in the view of the NHMRC, the same or similar to any application submitted to any NHMRC funding scheme in the same funding year (excluding any re-submissions to Development Grants) or research grant currently being funded or completed.
  • Are beyond the proof-of-concept stage, and therefore are more appropriate to receive support in the form of a grant from other government agencies, or support from the private sector to successfully achieve a commercial outcome.

Such applications are ineligible and will be excluded from consideration (see section 10.7 of the NHMRC Funding Rules  2017). For reasons of probity, NHMRC will not provide advice on the suitability of an application during the application phase.

5.3  Business Case

Applicants must provide a business case for the commercialisation of their proposed research that includes at a minimum:

  • a market analysis
  • management of IP  
  • work plan including relevant milestones
  • consultation with Technology Transfer Offices or similar commercialisation support.

For further information, refer to section 3.2 of the Development Grants scheme specific Advice and Instructions to Applicants 2017