1. About the scheme

1.1. Description

The NHMRC – EU Scheme provides a contribution to Australian institutions and researchers who are participating in leading international collaborative research that has been selected for funding through Horizon 2020. Horizon 2020 is currently the European Union (EU’s) main instrument for funding research and development and will run until 2020.                                                                                                                                  

Further information on Horizon 2020 including the timing and application process for EU topics is available from the EU website.

Please note opening and closing dates for EU can vary by topic and so the most current information will be available on the EU website.

Applications must be made to and approved through the European Commission Review to be eligible for funding through the NHMRC.  Participation in these international projects allows Australian researchers to engage with world leading researchers on well-funded projects of the highest calibre. This assists Australian health and medical research to maintain a standard of excellence, and aids the Australian research sector to remain competitive at the international level.

The NHMRC Corporate Plan 2015-2016 (the Corporate Plan) identified major health issues, which include the National Health Priority Areas, to direct our efforts towards Australia’s most pressing health issues.  The Horizon 2020 calls that will be supported by the NHMRC were selected based on their alignment to the NHMRC’s Corporate Plan to ensure that NHMRC will contribute to research that is of significant benefit to Australians.

1.2. Objectives

The specific objectives of the scheme are to:

  • Provide a financial contribution to the Australian researchers’ participation in leading  international research that has been favourably evaluated for funding through select Horizon 2020 topics; and
  • Support health and medical research that is of benefit to Australia.

1.3. Who should apply?

Researchers who are listed on an EU Grant that has been favourably evaluated, and who meet the eligibility criteria for this scheme at Section 5