3 Minimum data requirements

Minimum data must be entered in RGMS by 5pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT) on 1 March 2017 to allow the NHMRC and A*STAR to start sourcing suitable assessors. Applications that fail to satisfy this requirement will not be accepted. Applicants are also reminded to complete the recommended fields below with correct information. Using placeholder text such as “text”, “synopsis” or “xx” etc. is not acceptable as minimum data.

Minimum data for the NHMRC/A*STAR Joint Call for Research consists of the following:

  • General (all sections)

  • A-RC Research Classification (all sections)

  • A-RT Research Team – including the lead Singapore CIB name and other team members if known [note: team members may be added or deleted after the minimum data deadline until the close of applications at 5pm on 22 March 2017 Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEDT)].

Research Administration Officers (RAOs) are not required to certify applications for the purpose of minimum data; applications should only be certified once complete and ready for submission (see section 10.4 of the NHMRC Funding Rules 2017 and section 6 of the Advice and Instructions to Applicants 2017).


As this call is for international collaborations and will be assessed by an international Joint Peer Review Panel, applicants must provide consent to NHMRC to share application information with international assessors (refer to section 5.2, of the NHMRC Advice and Instructions to Applicants 2017)

The above information will be used to identify the review panel and assessors.  Applicants are advised that any change made to the above fields after 1 March 2017 may impact the review of the application.

Completed applications must be submitted to the NHMRC in RGMS by 5pm AEDT on the specified closing date. Late applications will not be accepted.