NHMRC Partnerships for Better Health - Partnership Projects scheme - specific-advice and instructions to applicants

The following sections provide additional advice about parts of the application that are specific to National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Partnership Projects, and must be read in conjunction with the following documents:

  • the NHMRC Advice and Instructions to Applicants, which provide advice on parts of the application that are common to most NHMRC funding schemes;
  • the NHMRC Funding Rules, incorporating the scheme-specific Funding Rules, which set out the rules, processes and considerations relevant to NHMRC funding;
  • the Guide to NHMRC Peer Review, incorporating the scheme-specific Peer Review Guidelines, which provide additional information about NHMRC’s peer review processes;
  • the NHMRC Funding Agreement, which sets out the terms and conditions of funding between the NHMRC and Administering Institutions; and
  • the NHMRC Corporate Plan 2015-2016 which includes NHMRC’s strategic directions, the major health issues for this period, how NHMRC will deal with these issues and a strategy for medical research and public health research.