NHMRC strategic direction

The NHMRC Corporate Plan 2017–2018 covers the period 2017–18 to 2020–21. In line with the requirements of the National Health and Medical Research Council Act 1992, it identifies the major health issues for this period, how NHMRC will deal with these issues and a strategy for medical research and public health research.

Strategy for health and medical research

The themes of investment, translation and integrity represent NHMRC’s strategy for health and medical research. NHMRC will:

  • invest in high quality health and medical research and build research capability, supporting the best research and researchers
  • support the translation of health and medical research into clinical practice, policy and health systems and the effective commercialisation of research discoveries
  • maintain a strong integrity framework for research and guideline development, underpinning rigorous research and relevant and accurate guidelines and promoting community trust.

To fulfil its mission and to deliver against its strategy, NHMRC will:

  • Lead: NHMRC is Australia’s leader in funding health and medical research and research translation. It develops platforms and standards for health and medical research, and protects the integrity of the government’s investment in health and medical research. NHMRC leverages the expertise and resources of others, and promotes translation of research into policy and practice.
  • Support: NHMRC supports research across the four pillars of health research – biomedical, clinical, public health and health services research, and funds both individuals and teams and the highest quality research and researchers. NHMRC supports diversity of research and researchers across disciplines and sectors and fosters the career development of health and medical researchers.
  • Engage: NHMRC engages with stakeholders and fosters partnerships among researchers and research funders nationally and internationally, with industry and policy makers and across all levels of government and enables collaborative networks.
  • Respond: NHMRC responds to national priorities in health and science, to researchers, to consumer needs and community perspectives and to the needs and directions of government.

Within each of the three themes – investment, translation and integrity – NHMRC has identified strategic priorities for action. These priorities, along with key activities and performance measures, are outlined in the NHMRC Corporate Plan 2017–2018. The priorities are informed by NHMRC’s operating environment and engagement, and incorporate a focus on the major health issues identified for the period.