Prevention and Community Health Committee (PCHC)

The Prevention and Community Health Committee (PCHC) was established in the 2009-2012 triennium to provide advice to the CEO and the Council of NHMRC on issues in community and public health, as well as prevention of illness. It continued its work in the 2012-2015 triennium to provide evidence based health on a range of matter in community and population health, prevention, and environmental health. The functions of PCHC was gazetted by the Minister for Health on 25 March 2012.

Membership 2012-2015 Triennium

PCHC had a strong public health focus. In addition to members with expertise in public health, the membership included persons with backgrounds in Indigenous health; infectious diseases and immunology; and consumer advocacy.

The composition of PCHC is not defined under the NHMRC Act. A member of the Australian Health Ethics Committee (AHEC) also sat on PCHC - a requirement of the NHMRC Act.

  • Professor David Roder AM, Chair
  • Professor Louise Baur
  • Professor Ian Caterson
  • Emeritus Professor Maree Gleeson OAM
  • Professor Mark Harris
  • Professor Louisa Jorm
  • Ms Meagan Lawson
  • Professor Helen Herrman
  • Mr Tony McBride
  • Professor Melanie Wakefield
  • Associate Professor Anne Wilson
  • Professor Samar Aoun
  • Professor Wendy Oddy
  • Dr Mark Wenitong