Working at NHMRC

This section provides potential applicants with information about the conditions of engagement to NHMRC.

General information

NHMRC staff are employed under the Public Service Act 1999. All APS employees are required to uphold the APS Values, Employment Principles and APS Code of Conduct.

NHMRC is an independent agency within the Health and Ageing portfolio. View more information on the NHMRC structure.

Remuneration and conditions are covered under the:

Australian citizenship

To be eligible for engagement as an ongoing (permanent) or a non-ongoing (temporary) employee, NHMRC requires that you are an Australian citizen, as detailed in the Public Service Act 1999. In exceptional circumstances you may be engaged if you satisfy NHMRC that you are in the process of becoming an Australian citizen. You will need to provide NHMRC with proof of your Australian citizenship or application for Australian citizenship. An employee who is not an Australian citizen must hold and maintain appropriate work entitlements to be able to perform duties in the APS.  This is an independent legal requirement. 


Employees new to the APS and NHMRC are subject to a probationary period of six months with the possibility of extension to a maximum total of 9 months. This period enables your manager to assess your suitability for employment in regards to conduct and work performance. It also allows time for you to decide if NHMRC is the right workplace for you. For further information refer to the APS Values, Employment Principles and APS Code of Conduct and the National Health and Medical Research Council Enterprise Agreement (see above).

Employment suitability

Engagement of ongoing, non-ongoing or labour hire employees is subject to a satisfactory character check and the provision of evidence to confirm your identity. NHMRC may also require you to undergo a security clearance. This will be advised in the candidate information pack.

Health assessment

Your ongoing engagement may be subject to the condition that you are fit to perform the duties of your position, taking into account any reasonable adjustments required to accommodate any pre-existing condition or disability. New employees of NHMRC (regardless of previous employment in the APS), who are ongoing or non-ongoing (engaged on a six month or longer contract) are required to complete a pre-existing medical  condition declaration.  If a pre-existing medical condition is declared, there may be a requirement to undergo a medical assessment as authorised under the Public Service Regulations 1999, Regulation 3.2.  NHMRC has a duty of care to not adversely affect the health and safety of other persons.  Employees will not be discriminated against due to health conditions or disabilities provided they are fit for the duties they are employed to perform. 

Restrictions on employment following redundancy

There are arrangements applying in the APS which limit the subsequent employment of people who have received a redundancy benefit. The circumstances where the restrictions apply are set out in section 48 of the Australian Public Service Commissioners Directions 2016.

If you have received a redundancy benefit from an APS agency, the Australian Parliamentary Service, or the Murray Darling Basin Commission, please indicate the date you received the benefit in your application. The period of exclusion (or 'redundancy benefit period') from employment will depend upon the level of the benefit received. Details on the indicative redundancy entitlements and restriction periods can be found at the APSC website. Please contact Human Resources for further information on the effect of your redundancy on employment in the APS.