The health and medical research community was invited to comment on NHMRC’s Fellowship schemes with this document presenting the summary report from that consultation.

NHMRC has been working with its Research Committee to develop strategies to address the issue of a plateau in the growth of funding to the Medical Research Endowment Account and increased applications for research and fellowship support. As part of that work the public’s views were sought through a consultation paper Current and Emerging Issues for NHMRC Fellowship schemes in 2015. 

In total 148 submissions were received from 45 organisations and 103 individuals.

The Summary Report on the consultation outcomes suggested that the questions put forward in the consultation would be best addressed in the context of a strategic, whole-of-system review of NHMRC’s funding program.

The Structural Review of NHMRC’s Grant Program considered feedback from the consultation on Current and Emerging Issues for NHMRC Fellowship schemes.

On 25 May 2017 the CEO announced a new grant program, as an outcome of the review.


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