The Assigners Academy provides independent expert advice to the CEO on matters relating to the administration of NHMRC’s peer review process. 

The following resources are available to assist Assigners Academy members to perform their role.

Assigners Academy Support Pack

The Assigners Academy Support Pack describes the roles and responsibilities of Assigners Academy members and provides detailed information on the tasks they are required to complete.

Guidance for External Assessors, including Overseas External Assessors (OSEAs)

These documents provide information to assist external assessors complete their assessments.

Assigners Academy RGMS Resources

The Quick Reference Guides provide step-by-step instructions for Assigners Academy members on how to complete key tasks in RGMS.

Quick Reference Guide Part 1. Initial Tasks

  • Assigners Area in RGMS
  • Downloading Application Summaries
  • Declaring Conflicts of Interest (CoIs) and Assigner Suitability
  • Conflict of Interest Matrix
  • Creating Assigner Email Stationery

Quick Reference Guide Part 2. Selecting Potential External Assessors

  • Accessing Your Assigned Applications
  • Viewing General Application Information
  • Downloading Application Documents
  • Identifying Potential External Assessors
  • Verifying Eligibility
  • Assigning a Potential External Assessor to an Application

Quick Reference Guide Part 3. Sending Invitations to Potential External Assessors

  • Inviting a Potential External Assessor
  • Cancelling an Invitation
  • Responding to an Invitation on behalf of an External Assessor
  • External Assessor Conflicts of Interest
  • Conflict of Interest Matrix

Quick Reference Guide Part 4. Inviting Overseas External Assessors (OSEA)

  • Assigning an OSEA to an Application
  • Inviting an OSEA
  • Cancelling an Invitation to an OSEA
  • Responding to an Invitation on behalf of an OSEA
  • OSEA Conflicts of Interest

Quick Reference Guide Part 5. Monitoring Invitations to Potential External Assessors

  • Monitoring Progress for Multiple Applications
  • Monitoring Progress for a Specific Application
  • Extending the Due Date for an External Assessment

The Assigner Processes User Guide below provides comprehensive guidance on how to navigate RGMS to complete Assigners Academy tasks.

RGMS User Guide – Assigner Processes

  • Getting Started
  • Selecting External Assessors
  • Managing External Assessor Invitations
  • Monitoring External Assessor Progress

Assigners Academy members

The names and institutions of previous Assigners Academy members can be viewed by clicking on the links below.

Other years' Assigners Academy member lists are available on the Australian Government Web Archive: