This report contains information on our organisation, administration and performance for the reporting period 2016–17. It is a record of our activities during 2016–17 and the performance and financial information presented in the 2016–17 Portfolio (Agency) Budget Statement, 2016–17 Portfolio Additional Estimates Statement and the Corporate Plan 2016–2017.

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The report is structured as follows:

Part one: Overview

Part one explains NHMRC’s broad strategic directions and priorities for 2016–17. It describes NHMRC’s role and organisational structure, introduces the senior executive, notes key issues, and outlines the organisation’s future directions.

Part two: Annual Performance Statements

Part two reports on NHMRC’s performance against the program of work under the Portfolio Budget Statement and Corporate Plan. It outlines NHMRC’s achievements and includes information on our major projects.

Part three: Operating Environment

Part three discusses NHMRC’s legislative, governance, compliance and assurance arrangements. It provides information to satisfy the reporting requirements of various Commonwealth legislation and Australian Government policies, including Freedom of Information and ecologically sustainable development.

Part four: People Management

Part four includes information on people management, including workforce demographics.

Part five: Financial Report

Part five contains the complete set of NHMRC audited financial statements prepared in accordance with the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability (Financial Reporting) Rule 2015.

Part six: Appendices

The appendices contain statutory reporting information, including on the composition, functions and chairs’ and members’ biographies of NHMRC’s Council and Principal Committees. It also provides supplementary information to the report, including the public consultation activities held during the reporting period, and guidelines and health advice issued by NHMRC.


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