12 November 2021

12 November 2021

As advised on 29 October 2021, NHMRC is working towards the launch of the third and final Sapphire Post Award module in December 2021, pending final testing. This will enable end to end grant management capability in Sapphire by early 2022 and requires some changes to Post Award functionality in RGMS from November 2021, in preparation for the transfer of RGMS data to Sapphire

Interim Post Award arrangements for grants managed in RGMS are as follows:

Offer Acceptances

  • All offers are to be accepted by 30 November, with the exception of several MRFF offers to be accepted no later than 3 December.

Grants that are currently in RGMS

  • Variation requests for grants currently in RGMS are to be submitted following the Grantee Variation Submission – November 2021 Update, using the Offline RGMS Grantee Variation Request Form available on NHMRC's website. Variation requests that were not submitted to NHMRC by 12 November will need to be resubmitted using this off-system process.
  • Scientific Reporting – CIAs can prepare Scientific Reports (Final and Progress Reports) in RGMS for NHMRC grants up to 19 November. RAOs will need to submit reports to NHMRC by 30 November. Scientific Reports created but not submitted by 30 November will need to be recreated in Sapphire once the grant record has been migrated.  
  • Financial Statements (Annual Financial Statements and Financial Acquittals) that have not been successfully uploaded to RGMS for NHMRC approval by 19 November will need to be resubmitted in Sapphire in 2022 when advised the system is available for upload. 
    • New upload templates will be available for financial reporting in Sapphire. Examples of these templates will be provided to Administering Institution (AI) Finance Officers to allow any adjustment to AI internal reporting requirements to align with the new templates. 

Grants that are currently in Sapphire

  • Grants commencing 2022 that have been offered and accepted in Sapphire may have Variations submitted in Sapphire as soon as the grant offer has been co-signed by NHMRC.
  • It is important to note that the offline grantee variation process only applies to grants created and managed in RGMS. There is no change to the variation process for grants created and managed in Sapphire.

MRFF grants Scientific Reporting

MRFF Reports are to continue to be submitted to mrff.postaward@nhmrc.gov.au using the templates available on NHMRC's website.