2 December 2021

Transitional arrangements for grant management from RGMS to Sapphire

RAOs are asked to take note of the updates and reminders below.

Transitional arrangements for grant management from RGMS to Sapphire

NHMRC is on track to launch the third and final Sapphire Post Award module in late December 2021, pending final testing. This release will enable the submission of acquittals and financial statements in Sapphire from January 2022.

Following this release, in order to transfer the remaining data from RGMS to Sapphire:

  • users will no longer be able to access RGMS
  • Sapphire will be unavailable for a period while remaining RGMS data is migrated to Sapphire.

NHMRC will advise exact dates for the deployment of Post Award Release 3 and associated outages as soon as they are confirmed.

In preparation for these changes, interim post award arrangements are now in place as follows:

Offer Acceptances

  • All offers going forward will be made and accepted in Sapphire. Offers are no longer able to be accepted in RGMS.
  • Offers made in Sapphire with an acceptance deadline of 30 November 2021 that have not been accepted will be extended on request by the RAO.
  • Offers made in Sapphire with an acceptance deadline after 30 November 2021 are to be accepted as soon as possible.
  • The final deadline for acceptance of all offers is 15 December 2021.

Grants that are currently in RGMS

  • Variation requests for grants currently in RGMS are to be submitted following the Grantee Variation Submission – November 2021 Update, using the Offline RGMS Grantee Variation Request Form available on NHMRC's website. This includes variation requests that were created but not submitted to NHMRC by the previously advised deadline of 12 November.
  • Scientific Reporting – Scientific Reports (Final and Progress Reports) not submitted by the previously advised deadline of 30 November will need to be submitted in Sapphire once the grant record has been migrated following Post Award Release 3. Reports will not considered late in the intervening period.

Grants that are currently in Sapphire

  • Grants commencing 2022 that have been offered and accepted in Sapphire may have Variations submitted in Sapphire as soon as the grant offer has been co-signed by NHMRC.

MRFF Reports

Financial Reports

  • NHMRC will advise of key changes in the financial reporting process, along with sample financial reporting templates as soon as they are available.

RAO Research Administration Survey closes 3 December 2021

Responses to this year’s RAO Research Administration Survey close on Friday 3 December 2021.

We would like to encourage all RAOs to complete the survey, which is an important opportunity for RAOs to provide feedback on NHMRC Post Award processes, guidelines and advice. This year’s survey also asks about the impacts of COVID-19 on research activities, and seeks early feedback on the roll out of the Select and Post Award modules of the Sapphire grants management system.

The survey takes approximately 20 minutes to complete and can be accessed via this link.

Thanks to those RAOs who have already submitted their feedback.

Process for updating institutional accounts in Sapphire

Institutions are reminded that each key contact nominated by Administering Institutions (i.e. the primary Research Administration Officer (RAO), the Responsible Officer (RO), the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and the Finance Officer (FO)) must have their own Sapphire account to perform Select and Post Award functions associated with their role.

Account details can be updated by completing and sending the Sapphire Institutional Account Access Form (available via the Sapphire Knowledge Base under Institution > Our Accounts > Request User Account) to help@nhmrc.gov.au. Answers to commonly asked questions about setting up institutional accounts are also available on the Sapphire Help page under ‘Account’.

Please contact the Research Help Centre for further information or assistance.