14 December 2021

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To improve child health, focus on conception

Professor Sarah Robertson, Professor of Reproductive Bioscience at The University of Adelaide, is recipient of an NHMRC Investigator Grant and was awarded an Elizabeth Blackburn Investigator Grant Award for Leadership in Basic Science at the 2020 NHMRC Research Excellence Awards

Her research focuses on the immune response to conception and pregnancy, and consequences for reproductive success and offspring health. These conditions together affect tens of thousands of Australian families every year and involve substantial costs to families and our health care system. Notably, around 8 per cent of Australian babies are born prematurely, and another 1 in 200 is stillborn. 

Read Professor Robertson’s InFocus story on NHMRC’s website.

Call for submissions for recognition as an NHMRC Research Translation Centre

Applications for NHMRC accreditation close at 11:59 pm (AEDT) Friday 21 January 2022

NHMRC will not be available to respond to related queries between 24 December 2021 and 3 January 2022

Enquiries can be emailed to: AdvancedCentres@nhmrc.gov.au

GACD  - A Life Course Approach to Common NCD Risk Factor Prevention and Reduction Funding Call 2021

NHMRC is considering supporting Australian researchers to participate in the Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases (GACD) A Life Course Approach to Common Non-communicable Diseases (NCDs) Risk Factor Prevention and Reduction Funding Call.

For details, refer to the forecast opportunity on GrantConnect.

NHMRC e-ASIA 2022 Joint Research Program 

NHMRC is considering supporting the 2022 e-ASIA Joint Research Program (JRP) 11th Health Research call for research proposals in infectious diseases (and antimicrobial resistance). 

Through the e-ASIA JRP, NHMRC provides funding opportunities to Australian institutions and researchers wishing to participate in international joint research projects focusing on health issues relevant to the health of people in Australia and the broader East Asian region.

To be eligible to apply for NHMRC funding, a research project must consist of Australian researchers partnering with research teams from at least two participating e-ASIA member organisations. Details on the Health Research call are available on GrantConnect.

National Research Infrastructure Roadmap

The Department of Education, Skills and Employment is seeking feedback on the exposure draft of the National Research Infrastructure (NRI) Roadmap. 

The Roadmap is intended to provide a pathway and vision for investment in nationally significant assets, facilities and services that support leading-edge research and innovation. The Roadmap will provide guidance to the government on actions that will enable researchers to maintain excellence, increase innovation and address emerging challenges.

Stakeholders are encouraged to read the Exposure Draft and to provide feedback by responding to the targeted questions by 22 December 2021. This feedback will be shared with the Expert Working Group and will guide the delivery of the final 2021 NRI Roadmap. 

Further details are available on the Department of Education, Skills and Employment website

NHMRC Evaluation Strategy

NHMRC has released a new Evaluation Strategy which provides a framework that links all NHMRC’s inputs, activities, outputs, outcomes and impacts to reporting and evaluation mechanisms. 

The Strategy will help to ensure that NHMRC continues to improve its efficiency and effectiveness in undertaking its core business activities and its reporting and evaluation. It complements and builds upon the evaluation frameworks already in place that NHMRC works within as an Australian Government agency.

The Strategy is available on NHMRC’s website under Agency operation information.

Medical Research Future Fund – Grant Opportunities open for applications 

The following MRFF grant opportunities are open for applications:

Medical Research Future Fund – 2021 COVID-19 Treatment Access and Public Health Activities

Minimum data is due 9 February 2022
Applications close on 23 February 2022.

Medical Research Future Fund – 2021 International Clinical Trial Collaborations Round 2

Minimum data is due by 2 February 2022.
Applications close on 16 February 2022.

Medical Research Future Fund – 2021 Stem Cell Therapies

Minimum data is due by 9 February 2022.
Applications close 23 February 2022.

Medical Research Future Fund – 2021 Traumatic Brain Injury

Minimum data is due by 25 January 2022.
Applications close on 9 February 2022. 

Details on how to apply for MRFF grant opportunities and close dates are available on GrantConnect.

Further information on MRFF grant opportunities can be found on NHMRC’s website

Applicants who intend to submit applications to MRFF grant opportunities should ensure that:

  • their organisation is an approved MRFF Eligible Organisation before the relevant application’s close date (see below)
  • they have an active Sapphire account, or request access to Sapphire as soon as possible
  • the participating institutions they intend to list in their application are available in Sapphire
  • if a participating institution is not available, please email the Research Help Centre, include the URL and request it be added to the system.

Key application dates

Refer to the funding calendar on NHMRC's website.


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