12 December 2022

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Partnership Projects to improve health services and processes share in $8 million

Partnership Projects to improve health services and processes share in $8 million

Partnership Projects grants totalling $8 million were announced by Assistant Minister the Hon Emma McBride MP on 5 December 2022.

These grants will support researchers working with partners to implement research findings into policy and practice. 

Find out more about the projects funded in the NHMRC media release.

The opening date for the Partnership Project 2023 grant opportunity is 11 January 2023. Further details will be available on GrantConnect. Please contact the Research Help Centre for further information or assistance.

Pictured (l-r): Wesley Research Institute CEO Andrew Barron; QUT researchers Dr Zephanie Tyack and Dr Bridget Abell, from the Partnership Project: ‘NAVICARE: Implementing, scaling up and sustaining a co-designed care navigation model to improve mental health service access in regional Australia’.

Pictured(l-r): Professor Ricky O'Brien, RMIT, Professor Anne Kelso, NHMRC CEO. Professor O’Brien will lead a team of Australian experts to prototype and build novel medical devices so that patients can be treated safely with high doses of radiation

$50 million boost for collaborative health and medical research

The Australian Government is investing $50 million through this year’s NHMRC Synergy Grants in 10 research projects where experts from different disciplines will collaborate to solve health problems.

The media release for this announcement is available on NHMRC’s website.

Outcome data for the 2022 Synergy Grant round, and the corresponding Factsheet publication are available on the Synergy Grant webpage. The Synergy Grants 2022 Factsheet contains outcomes by career stage, gender, broad research area, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health research and researchers.

The 2023 Synergy Grant round will open on Wednesday 8 February 2023. Further details on the 2023 round will be provided in a future Tracker.

Pictured(l-r): Professor Ricky O'Brien, RMIT, Professor Anne Kelso, NHMRC CEO. Professor O’Brien will lead a team of Australian experts to prototype and build novel medical devices so that patients can be treated safely with high doses of radiation

NHMRC’s Research Impact Position Statement

NHMRC has developed a Research Impact Position Statement in consultation with its Health Research Impact Committee.

The Statement sets out NHMRC’s role in the broader innovation system to achieve its overarching vision of improving the health of the Australian community. It is available on NHMRC’s Research Impact Position Statement webpage.

NHMRC Research Translation Strategy 2022–2025

NHMRC has published its Research Translation Strategy 2022–2025.

The Strategy sets out NHMRC’s role in the translation of health and medical research into policy and practice, and the priority actions we will take to drive the translation of health and medical research over the next few years.

For more information, visit the Research Translation Strategy page.

Australian Research Integrity Committee Annual Report to Sector 2021-22

The Australian Research Integrity Committee (ARIC) has released its Annual Report to the Sector 2021-22.

The report provides information on the reviews undertaken by ARIC in 2021-22, including types of issues raised and key lessons to promote best practice in managing research integrity concerns.

2023 peer review invitations

If you have received an invitation to serve as a peer reviewer for the 2023 round, please respond as soon as possible.

Thank you to those researchers who have already responded or who have self-nominated to participate.

NHMRC sent expression of interest invitations for several schemes in November 2022 and will contact researchers early in 2023 to confirm peer review membership  for individual schemes.

Please ensure your Sapphire Profile is complete and up to date when self-nominating or accepting an invitation for peer review (particularly the ‘Peer Review Area’ and ‘Fields of Research’ sections). This is critical for NHMRC to effectively match applications to your areas of expertise, saving you time and ensuring the best possible assessment.

For peer review inquiries, including nominating for peer review if you missed the self-nomination process, please contact the Grant Review Panels team via email.

CHF-NHMRC Consumer Statement Workshop

On 15 November 2022, NHMRC co-hosted an online workshop with the Consumers Health Forum of Australia to begin the review of the Statement on Consumer and Community Involvement in Health and Medical Research.

A summary of the Workshop is available on the Consumer Statement Workshop webpage

The Workshop was the first step in the review consultation process; there will be other opportunities to contribute to the discussion in future. Participants (and those who were unable attend) are welcome to contribute to the discussion by completing the Consumer Statement Workshop feedback form. This form will be open for feedback until 15 January 2023.


NHMRC Research Translation Long Weekend 2022

Our sincere thanks to everyone who contributed to or participated in the NHMRC Research Translation Long Weekend 2022. 

If you registered for the Symposium, you can now view the recordings of all plenary sessions on demand. The recordings and the ePosters will all be available to view on the conference platform until November 2023.  

If you registered for the Symposium, you are invited to provide feedback by completing a short survey. The survey can be accessed on the Symposium platform and will be open until Friday 30 December 2022.

Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) Grant Opportunities Key Dates

The following MRFF Grant Opportunities have opened for applications:  

The following opportunities have upcoming Minimum Data deadlines:

Details on how to apply for MRFF grant opportunities and all MRFF close dates are available on GrantConnect. Applicants are reminded that only applicants who completed minimum data requirements can submit a full application.

Applicants who intend to submit applications to MRFF grant opportunities should ensure that:

  • their Sapphire account is active. If required, request access to Sapphire as soon as possible
  • their organisation is an approved MRFF Eligible Organisation before the relevant application’s close date 
  • participating institutions they intend to list in their application are available in Sapphire. If not, please request it be added to the system via email to Research Help Centre, including the institution's web address. 

MRFF Application Eligibility Criteria and Compliance Checking

Applications must address all eligibility and assessment criteria as set out in the guidelines.

Applicants must pay careful attention to Chief Investigator (CI) eligibility including limits on the number of times a person can be named as a CI on applications submitted to a grant opportunity. Please refer to the eligibility section of the relevant grant opportunity guidelines. 

All MRFF applicants are advised to ensure the relevant information is completed in their Sapphire Profile prior to submission.

MRFF Grant Assessment Committee Self Nomination

Researchers, consumers, clinicians and health practitioners, as well as those in industry, policy or who manage health services are invited to express their interest in assisting with the assessment of MRFF applications as a member of a grant assessment committee. Register your interest via NHMRC’s online portal.