16 March 2022

Minimum data for the Synergy Grants 2022 round is required in Sapphire by 17:00 AEDT on Wednesday 16 March 2022.

Full applications close 17:00 AEDT on Wednesday 13 April 2022.

Section 7.3 of the Synergy Grants 2022 Guidelines outlines the requirements for minimum data with further detail on minimum data fields outlined in Section 2.2 of Appendix C (Synergy Grants Guide to Applicants) and within Sapphire.

Additional details are available on GrantConnect and NHMRC's website.

Please note: An addendum via GrantConnect was published 22 February 2022 updating the Synergy Grants 2022 Track Record Template. Please ensure version 1.1 is distributed to Chief Investigators listed on applications.

Please contact the Research Help Centre via email at help@nhmrc.gov.au for further information or assistance.