Anne-Marie Eades
George Institute for Global Health
22 January 2019

In 2011-2012, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children were nearly ten times more likely to be in out-of-home care than non-Indigenous children. Many placements are with grandparents.1

Frustrated by what she saw, Anne-Marie Eades found an opportunity through research to do something about it. 

Receiving a Postgraduate Scholarship from NHMRC allowed Anne-Marie to identify the critical role of these informal support systems that the women in community provide. 

‘Many women take on the primary role as care giver to grandchildren, however managing their diabetes often takes second place. If the women are not coping then it will impact on the rest of the family,’ she explains.

Anne-Marie would like to see policy and funding for these women and the informal support systems they provide.

 1Australian Human Rights Commission (2014) Inquiry into Grandparents who take primary responsibility for raising their grandchildren, 20 March 2014