Professor Anne Kelso AO
CEO, National Health and Medical Research Council
10 July 2019

I refer to the article published in Business Insider on 9 July 2019 including suggestions from Professor Nikolai Petrovsky about where NHMRC directs its funding.

NHMRC does not direct funding to any institution. Funding decisions are an outcome of a competitive process that relies on the collective judgement of independent peer reviewers. 
NHMRC currently has 83 institutions – including Australian universities, independent medical research institutes and hospitals – that are eligible to receive NHMRC grants.  While the majority of funding is awarded to universities and medical research institutes, the research is actually conducted across a wider range of institutions, including hospitals.
NHMRC supports a broad range of research from discovery science through to clinical research (including clinical trials), health services and public health research.
There is strong demand for NHMRC funding and the process is very competitive, so not all high quality research proposals are able to be funded.  NHMRC congratulates Professor Petrovsky on his success in receiving funding from the US National Institutes of Health.  Research is an international endeavour and NHMRC encourages researchers to collaborate internationally.

Professor Petrovsky should also be congratulated for his previous success in obtaining NHMRC grants to support vaccine development research totalling $1,162,862.