6 February 2020

Progress is continuing towards the implementation of the new NHMRC grant management solution, Sapphire.

RGMS is at the end of its useful life and NHMRC must transition to our new grants management solution during 2020. In late 2019, NHMRC successfully piloted the application and profile modules of Sapphire using the Development Grants 2020 round. NHMRC is continuing work in anticipation of launching Sapphire in the coming weeks, pending final testing. The launch is stage one of Sapphire and will include functionality to support user profiles and applications. This reflects NHMRC’s staged approach to the development and implementation of Sapphire. NHMRC will announce confirmation of the launch at a later date.

In preparation for the potential launch, NHMRC will copy RGMS users’ CV/Profile data from RGMS to Sapphire after 5pm AEDT on Wednesday 12 February 2020.

Current Applicants using RGMS
All grant opportunities that are currently open will continue to accept applications through RGMS. Applicants to these grant opportunities should continue to update their profile and applications in RGMS in accordance with the relevant grant opportunity grant guidelines. RGMS users will not be affected by the data migration activity.
Applicants to grant opportunities that are closing in RGMS after 12 February 2020 will be required to keep their profile up-to-date until the close of these schemes, after which time they will use Sapphire to maintain their Profile data. This includes applicants to:

  • MRFF - Stem Cell Therapies Mission - 2020 Stem Cell Therapies Grant Opportunity
  • MRFF Traumatic Brain Injury Mission - 2020 Traumatic Brain Injury Grant Opportunity

Peer Reviewers and active grants
Until further notice, RGMS will continue to be used for:

  • peer review processes and
  • postaward management of active grants, including grant variations, reporting and payments.

What do you need to do before 12 February 2020?

  • RGMS account holders should ensure that your primary email contact information is correct. Your primary email will be used as your user name and you will need access to this email account to log in to Sapphire.
  • For those researchers who do not have an RGMS account or are unable to update your primary email, you will be able to register for a Sapphire account once it has been launched.
  • With the exception of applicants to current grant opportunities, there is no need to update your CV/Profile data before 12 February 2020. You will be able to make edits to your Profile in Sapphire after the launch.

IMPORTANT: Note that any changes made to an RGMS profile after 5pm on 12 February 2020 will not be replicated in Sapphire. You are therefore advised to avoid making changes to your RGMS CV/Profile data after 12 February 2020, excluding current applicants and peer reviewers using RGMS.

For more information visit the NHMRC Sapphire webpage.