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9 June 2020

Latest Sapphire Update

Applicants to Ideas Grants 2020
NHMRC's Research Help Centre is processing requests for Sapphire user accounts and is continuing to work through any outstanding user issues. NHMRC strongly recommends that applicants work with their RAO to submit their applications as soon as possible, to allow time to resolve any issues, should they arise.

Chief Investigator / Associate Investigator Invitations
Some applicants are experiencing issues with Chief Investigator / Associate Investigator invitations. These issues may be resolved by resending the invitation.

To resend an invitation, login to Sapphire and open the application. Navigate to the “Research Team” application page, locate the Research Team member experiencing issues and:

  1. Remove the applicant's email address from the "Email" field
  2. Press "Save" button (displayed at the top of the application form page)
  3. Re-enter the applicant's email address into the Email field
  4. Press the "Resend invite" button

New Sapphire Account Registrations
New users are advised to allow up to 48 hours for processing, and to use their official institution email to expedite registration requests.

Applicants with a pending account registration are advised that NHMRC anticipates the current backlog to be cleared within 48 hours.

Please contact the Research Help Centre with subject “Sapphire Account Registration Issue” as soon as possible if your registration is not resolved within two business days. Please include your preferred contact phone number.

Password Reset Requests
Some users were experiencing issues with the password reset function in Sapphire. This issue is now resolved.

All users are advised that the password reset request can take up to 1 hour to arrive in your mailbox. Please wait to receive the email before requesting the password reset a second time, as any subsequent password reset requests will supersede the previous reset request, making it invalid.

Please contact the Research Help Centre with subject “Sapphire Password Reset Issue” if you are not able to reset your password. Please include your preferred contact phone number.

Sapphire Performance and page load times
Some Sapphire users experienced slow system performance in mid-May, in the lead up to the Ideas Grants minimum data deadline. NHMRC subsequently made a number of enhancements which have improved Sapphire performance and stability. NHMRC is continuing to monitor system performance and page load times and will update the research sector with additional advice if required.
For all your Sapphire enquiries, please email the Research Help Centre at and include your preferred contact phone number. The Research Help Centre is experiencing a high volume of enquiries, so please allow up to 48 hours for a response. We thank you for your patience.