9 March 2023

RAO application count dashboard and grants data now available

The following resources are now available to assist RAOs assess applicants’ eligibility to apply for and/or hold a grant from any of the Investigator, Ideas and Synergy Grant schemes in the 2023 funding round:

  • NHMRC Grant Program Application Count Dashboard (in Sapphire)
  • NHMRC Grant Data (Excel data file)

Application count dashboard

NHMRC has re-deployed the Application Count Dashboard to Sapphire and instructions for how to use it are available on Sapphire.

The dashboard will provide RAOs visibility of their researchers’ NHMRC grant program application counts, including showing where researchers are CIs on applications being administered by other institutions.

The dashboard is indicative only and RAOs will still need to review NHMRC grant data and make judgements based on their knowledge of grants held by applicants and all other eligibility rules.

NHMRC grant data

NHMRC has updated and re-released the NHMRC grant data on NHMRC's Eligibility website to assist in undertaking eligibility checks for NHMRC’s 2023 funding rounds.

The data is indicative only and lists Chief Investigators (CIA–CIJ) on grants for the following schemes:

  • Investigator Grants
  • Synergy Grants
  • Ideas Grants
  • Project Grants
  • Program Grants
  • MRFF Investigator Grants

The data was generated on 15 February 2023 and only includes grants where the grant end date is after 31 December 2023, meaning that only grants ending in 2024 or later are included. Note the data:

  • is based on ‘current’ grant end date, not ‘original’ grant end date
  • includes any grants that will still be active in 2024 or beyond
  • may not include grants with variations still in progress.

While it is still the CI’s responsibility to be aware of their grants held/applied for, NHMRC recommends that RAOs follow up with relevant CIs to resolve any potential eligibility concerns.

Please contact the Research Help Centre for further information or assistance.

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