23 February 2023

Following on from surveys conducted in 2020 and 2021, NHMRC is seeking your feedback on postaward processes, guidelines and advice.

The outcomes of earlier surveys have been valuable in informing ongoing updates to the design and implementation of our policies, guidelines and systems. Survey comments are also useful to support postaward management improvements.

This year’s survey includes questions about continued impacts of COVID-19 on Administering Institutions, RAO’s interactions with the Postaward and Administering Institution teams, and user experiences with the Sapphire grant management system.

The survey should take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

We understand that completing a survey is an additional task during an already busy period for RAOs. To allow time for as many respondents as possible to provide feedback, the survey will be open for 5 weeks to Thursday 30 March.

NHMRC Postaward appreciates the productive working relationship that we have with our Administering Institution colleagues and we value your opinion. We encourage you to share the survey with others working on NHMRC grants administration that may not have received the survey, including Participating Institutions.

Access the survey via NHMRC's web form.