8 April 2021

Updated NHMRC Grant Holders Release

Along with the recent deployment of the RAO Application Count Dashboard in Sapphire, NHMRC has now updated and re-released the NHMRC grant holder details on the website.

The NHMRC grant holder data set will assist RAOs to detect potential ineligible applications based on number and type of grants held.

The data is indicative only and lists all Chief Investigators (CIA – CIJ) for all grants for the following schemes:

  • Investigator Grants
  • Ideas Grants
  • Synergy Grants
  • Project Grants
  • Program Grants
  • MRFF Investigator Grants

The NHMRC grant holder data set includes grants where the grant end date is greater than 31-Dec-2021. Meaning all grants that end in 2022 or later are included.

  • Based on ‘current’  grant end date, not ‘original’ grant end date.
  • The data excludes any grants that finish in 2021 or earlier, and
  • It includes any grants that will still be active next year or beyond (2022 or beyond).

While, it is still the CI’s responsibility to be aware of their prior grants held/currently applying for, NHMRC recommends that RAOs also follow up with relevant CIs to resolve any potential eligibility breaches.