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29 May 2020

Ideas Grants eligibility categories

The Ideas Grants team provided relevant RAOs with a dataset listing CIs who may be in breach of eligibility requirements regarding capping rules (note that this was only provided to RAOs where a potential breach was identified at a specific point in time – at Minimum Data - based on Ideas applications in the system). For further information on the capping rules, please see the Eligibility for Ideas Grants - 2020 funding round document on Grant Connect.

Given that this information was provided to relevant RAOs at a specific point in time, please be aware that RAOs that did not receive such advice may also have applications in breach of eligibility rules because of changes in CIs since minimum data and will need to undertake their own checks.

Further explanation of the dataset
The dataset included categories of potential ineligibility, which are explained as follows.

Grant and Application Profile Capping

This CI is potentially ineligible because of a breach of the capping rules (including applications and grants held, including grants from the old grant program, such as Project Grants).

CI team member is ineligible

This CI is potentially ineligible because one of their fellow CIs may be in breach of the capping rules. If one CI is ineligible, it will render the whole application ineligible.

3 Ideas Applications

This CI is potentially ineligible because they have three applications to the current funding round (noting the output has not accounted for test applications or partner-only funding applications in the system).

As per section 4.2.2 of the Ideas 2020 Grant Guidelines:

If any CI (CIA-CIJ) submits an Investigator, Synergy or Ideas Grant application(s) in excess of the maximum for which they are eligible to apply or hold, all Investigator, Synergy or Ideas Grant applications on which that CI is named may be ineligible and excluded from consideration, irrespective of:

  • the scheme to which they have applied, and
  • that CI’s position or role on the application.

This dataset therefore indicates CIs who had an ineligible application because another member of the CI team on that application was potentially ineligible (“CI team member is ineligible”). 

Note: Applications only seeking funding from Cancer Council and/or Cancer Australia are not affected by NHMRC capping rules. 

If RAOs and applicants have checked eligibility and have not been able to identify a reason for the flag in the dataset, it could be because one of the CIs on the flagged application is a co-CI on another application that has breached eligibility rules. Although this does not on its own mean that the first application is ineligible, it does raise a flag for NHMRC checks because often there are multiple intersecting CIs on applications. We apologise if this caused confusion. 

RAOs have also been provided with access to a current Grant Dataset to assist them in conducting their own internal eligibility checks. 

Please be reminded that the advice provided to relevant RAOs where a potential breach was identified:

  • is based on an Ideas Grant CI’s existing grant and application portfolio at minimum data, and may not reflect grants offered but not yet accepted or declined, or variations for existing grants not yet submitted or processed by NHMRC. 
  • Is based on CIs listed in the system at the time of minimum data and so if an applicant team was incomplete there may be additional eligibility issues when new CIs are added.    
  • Does not take into account whether the application is seeking funding from an alternative source only (i.e. Cancer Australia and not NHMRC). Such instances may flag a CI as being in breach.
  • May include RAO and applicant test applications within the system.

This dataset was provided to relevant RAOs as a ‘once off’ to help them with their own eligibility checking.  Please note that NHMRC is unable to provide further information to RAOs on CIs identified as part of this check, and recommends that RAOs follow up with the relevant CIs to resolve any potential eligibility breaches.


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