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26 September 2019

NHMRC plans to release the Not For Further Consideration (NFFC) outcomes to Ideas Grant and Clinical Trials and Cohort Studies Grant applicants on Monday 30 September 2019. 

CIAs and relevant RAOs will be notified via email with a link to the ‘Results and Rebuttals’ tab in RGMS where they can access their NFFC outcome letter.  The generation of emails is an automated process which may take several hours given the volume of notification emails to be released.  As such, CIAs may not receive their notification email for several hours after outcomes have been made available in RGMS, however their outcome documentation will be available under the ‘Results and Rebuttals’ tab as soon as it has been released by NHMRC.

The notification in RGMS will be an outcome letter only.  An Application Assessment Summary for NFFC’d applicants will be made available in RGMS when the outcomes for the each round are released later this year.