19 March 2021

In this RAO Alert:

  1. "New Grant Program Application Count" Dashboard Pilot
  2. Policy enquiry deadline for 2021 Investigator Grant Round
  3. Update - Career Disruptions within Investigator Grant Application Form

1. The “New Grant Program Application Count” Dashboard Pilot

NHMRC would like to provide an update on tools to help RAOs assess applicant eligibility in the Sapphire grant system.

Sapphire is not currently able to provide indicative information on the eligibility status of applicants to the New Grant Program.

To help address this, we are now piloting an RAO “New Grant Program Application Count” Dashboard in Sapphire for the 2021 Investigator, Ideas and Synergy Grant rounds.

This pilot dashboard will help give RAOs visibility of their researchers’ NGP application counts, including showing where researchers are CIs on applications being administered by other institutions.

This dashboard has now been deployed to Sapphire and instructions for how to use the Dashboard can be found here.

The objective of this pilot is to minimise the number of ineligible applications, as all RAOs involved in indicative potential eligibility breach, not just the lead Administering Institution RAO, have the opportunity to detect potentially ineligible applications.
RAOs will still need to review the data and make judgements based on their knowledge of grants held by applicants and all other eligibility rules. For example, someone with one application will not show up as a potential breach, but could still be ineligible to apply for that one application based on grants held.
To assist with this, NHMRC has also updated and will re-release the NHMRC grant holder details on the website shortly.

The online eligibility tool for Investigator, Ideas and Synergy Grants has also been updated to reflect eligibility and capping scenarios for the 2021 funding rounds (for funding commencing 2022) of those schemes.

2. Policy enquiry deadline for 2021 Investigator Grant Round

As per the Investigator Grants 2021 Grant Guidelines (available from GrantConnect), all policy enquiries relating to the current Investigator Grants round must be submitted by COB Monday 22 March 2021. A final FAQ will be released on Wednesday 24 March 2021.

All enquiries should be submitted to the Research Help Centre via email to help@nhmrc.gov.au.

The Research Help Centre will continue to respond to technical enquiries (i.e. Sapphire related enquiries) until 13:00 ACT Local time on 31 March 2021.

3. Update - Career Disruptions within Investigator Grant Application Form

An update to the Investigator Grant application form has been deployed in Sapphire. This update is only relevant for a small subset of applicants - Emerging Leadership applicants who are >10 years post PhD and have career disruptions that fall outside the last 10 years that effect their eligibility to apply only (as per section 4.8 of the Investigator Grants 2021 Grant Guidelines).

The form update provides the opportunity for these applicants to include Career Disruption entries without the need to link them to a Career Overview entry.

Please note that Leadership Level applicants must not include Career Disruptions that occurred outside the last ten years (from the scheme application close date).