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14 May 2020

Sapphire Update

NHMRC apologises for the delays experienced by Sapphire users during the past few days. Investigation identified a number of contributing factors, but particularly memory capacity of a server that supports Sapphire.
What is NHMRC doing?
In addition to increasing server capacity, we have extended the processing times for some functions to improve performance. For example, the minimum data refresh rate has been extended from 30 seconds to one minute. NHMRC is actively monitoring Sapphire performance and will provide further updates as additional information becomes available.
Monitoring Sapphire
NHMRC is tracking the issues raised by users via the Research Help Centre, and is aware that some applicants have experienced difficulties with:

  1. receiving or accepting invitations to be a Chief Investigator or Associate Investigator on an application, or
  2. Minimum Data compliant applications that appear non-compliant in the Minimum Data ‘Table’.

These issues are a high priority for NHMRC and we are working to resolve them.
How can researchers and RAOs assist during this peak period?
In the interim, to enable best possible performance of Sapphire, NHMRC has in place some temporary workarounds. These are:

  • Please do not resend invitations multiple times if they are not initially received, and instead notify the Research Help Centre. Acceptance of invitations is not a requirement for Minimum Data.
    Please NOTE: Invitations will need to be accepted prior to CIA and RAO certification of applications.
  • If you have completed the Minimum Data in accordance with Ideas Grants 2020 Grant Guidelines prior to the deadline, your application will be allowed to proceed. This is irrespective of what is indicated by the Minimum Data ‘Table’.

Please email the Research Help Centre for further information or assistance.