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2 October 2019

Investigator Grants - Now open

The investigator Grants scheme is now open for applications in RGMS. 

Further details are available on GrantConnect and the NHMRC website. 

Please note that the Investigator Grants 2020 Peer Review Guidelines will be made available on the NHMRC website in the coming weeks.Please contact the Research Help Centre on 1800 500 983 or email for further information or assistance. 

Investigator Grants: Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) Priority Round - Now Open

Researchers wishing to apply to the investigator Grants: MRFF Priority Round may now do so through the NHMRC Investigator Grant scheme in RGMS. 

Further details on how to apply are available on GrantConnect and the NHMRC website

Eligibility Web Tool 

The 2020 eligibility tool is now available on the NHMRC website

The online tool will indicate applicant eligibility (indicative only) to apply for funding from three schemes in NHMRC's new grant program; Investigator Grants, Ideas Grants and Synergy Grants. 

All applicants are encourage to determine their own eligibility prior to submitted an application by reviewing the relevant eligibility policy detailed in the scheme's Grant Guidelines.