29 January 2019

Tracker is a fortnightly email newsletter that informs the Australian research community about major NHMRC activities and funding opportunities.

Key application dates 

  • Ideas Grants - Applications open in RGMS on 6 March 2019. Minimum data is due on 10 April 2019. Applications close on 8 May 2019.
  • Development Grants – Applications close on 6 February 2019.
  • MRFF Keeping Australians Out of Hospital—applications close on 30 January 2019.
  • Targeted Call for Research into Frailty and Hospital Care: Complex Health Needs. Applications close on 30 January 2019. Please see NHMRC’s website for more details.
  • MRFF Targeted Health System and Community Organisation Research—applications close on 6 February 2019.
  • MRFF Million Minds Mission—minimum data is due on 6 February 2019. Applications close on 20 February 2019.

Update on Ideas Grant Review Panel membership

NHMRC thanks all those who have accepted a preliminary invitation to participate as an Ideas Grants grant review panel member in 2019. NHMRC will review its membership requirements following the minimum data due date on 10 April 2019 and confirm panel appointments shortly after. Please advise NHMRC as soon as possible of any changes to your availability for peer review.

Development Grant scheme: call for commercial assessor nominations

NHMRC’s Development Grant scheme is seeking self-nominations from experts to participate as commercial assessors for applications in the 2019 round. Peer review meetings are scheduled for late May 2019 via teleconference. If you have research commercialisation experience and would like to participate in the assessment process, please submit your nomination through the Development Grant self-nomination portal.

Open MRFF grant opportunities

The next application due date for the MRFF International Clinical Trial Collaborations (ICTC) grant opportunity is 10 April 2019 with minimum data due on 27 March 2019. Further information can be found here.

Clinician researchers are invited to express their interest in assisting with the assessment of ICTC applications as a member of the peer review panel via email.

Proposed changes to the pertussis recommendations of the Australian Immunisation Handbook released for public consultation

The Department of Health, on behalf of the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI), has released proposed changes to the recommended use of pertussis vaccine in pregnant women for public consultation between 10 January 2019 and 9 February 2019.

ATAGI will be seeking NHMRC’s approval of the guideline recommendations under section 14A of the National Health and Medical Research Council Act 1992.

To access the public consultation information and provide comment, click here.

Guidelines for Guidelines

NHMRC is updating its advice on how to develop trustworthy clinical practice, public health and environmental health guidelines. Public consultation is now open on a number of draft modules on the new NHMRC Guidelines for Guidelines’ website. This has been developed for guideline developers wishing to meet NHMRC’s Standards for Guidelines and improve the quality of their guidelines.

Guideline developers are invited to provide comment on any or all of the draft modules available for public consultation. Hard copies of the draft modules can be provided upon request.

Do not miss the chance to have your say—the public consultation period has been extended until 5pm AEDT 13 March 2019. All relevant information is available here.

NHMRC e-ASIA call for health research is now open

Applications for the NHMRC e-ASIA Joint Research Project (JRP) Program Grants for funding in 2019 is now open in RGMS, with minimum data due on 3 April 2019. Information about eligible topics is available here.

Funding agencies are organising a workshop on 4-5 March 2019 in Singapore to assist researchers in developing collaborative research proposals for submission to the e-ASIA JRP health call. Potential applicants may be interested to attend.

European Union Joint Programme on Neurodegenerative Disease Research (JPND)

JPND has opened a new funding call that will enable Australian researchers to join international collaborations and contribute to global dementia research. Interested parties are referred to the JPND website for further information.

NHMRC’s Open Access Policy

NHMRC has revised some of the wording in its Open Access Policy. Guidance on research literature, research data and patents can now be found in the separate, Open Access Policy - Further Guidance document. Further information can be found here.